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About Cristia H. J., the storyteller

Since very young, Cristia's passion for reading led her to discover the infinite adventures books offer. 

At age twelve, she began plotting and crafting short stories in Arabic and Spanish. That's when she met her first love: WRITING.

Born in Venezuela to Lebanese immigrants, Cristia had the opportunity to taste diverse backgrounds regarding culture and religion, thus discovering the esoteric facet of life. Drawing her own conclusions, she realized that illusion isn't very different from reality and that faiths are more connected than we think.

In her own words, she says, "Books have always made me happy and in love with life. I realized, then, I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to write stories that would bring a smile to my readers' faces, tears to their eyes, thrills to their hearts. From a very young age, crafting stories wasn't too hard for me, and I enjoyed seeing the array of emotions on my friends and teachers' faces who used to beta-read them.
I wrote articles, treating a variety of topics from emotional wellbeing to tips for a healthy lifestyle, spirituality, and motivation.
I have co-authored and translated books from Spanish to English and published some short stories in online magazines.
I also have a degree in Business Administration, a Specialization in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University through Coursera, and knowledge of Personal Branding.

To acknowledge my love for reading, I am also a book reviewer and an advocate for indie authors. I am always delighted to find hidden jewels in the literary market because they weren't traditionally published."

Cristia wrote her first novel in Spanish, which she translated into English. She believes that being a romance writer can treat several life facts and emotions through the written word, nourishing the heart and soul. But she also loves research and sharing her knowledge and opinion in her posts and social media.

To know more about her writing and interests, connect with her on Instagram. She's there as @cristiawrites

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"One dream we are in the heart of this Universe, shifting from one life to another; the same soul that strips off one mask after another until we realize the light in us." 

Welcome to my creative writing corner where I'll share with you memories and experiences through short stories.
Explore with me the boundaries between reality and illusion where we are a delicious and esoteric mixture of our ancestors, spiced up with bits of mystery, dreams, and romance that shape the human soul.