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About Sara El Halabi J., the Freelance Writer

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Freelance and Creative writer Sara Crist

When I first began writing, I thought I'd be exclusively a fiction writer. That's why I adopted the pen name Cristia H. J.

But one day, my dear friend Wafaa, who was writing a series of books about Mindfulness and Quantum Medicine, asked me to translate them from Spanish to English and write a foreword for one of them.

That experience was eye-opening because I realized how much I enjoy writing nonfiction, researching deep topics, and helping entrepreneurs and other writers to improve their businesses through the written word. 

So, I decided to do something more out of my love for writing. I was determined to enter the freelance career with all my gears on!

With my degree in Business Administration from the Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho University in Venezuela, a Specialization in Creative Writing from Wesleyan University through Coursera, knowledge of Personal Branding and SEO, and an internship at the Digital Nomad Writing Club (DNWC), I am delighted to offer the best content service to brands and startups.

If you want to deliver value to your followers and customers through insightful, empowering, and informative content, and you wish to entertain and inspire them, I am here to help you boost your website or blog.

Among some of my credentials, aside from co-authoring and translating the books of Naturist Expert Dr. Wafaa Jawhary Zeid, are: publishing short stories in online magazines, like Ink and Sword, LitStream Magazine, and Let's Get Published. My featured articles are listed in the PORTFOLIO section below.

Bringing a smile to my clients' faces and relief that their content is in good hands make me realize my passion for content and freelance writing is right.

As a last note, I am open for hire and enjoy collaborating with other content writers to create quality work for exclusive clients.




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Paranormal & Romantic Short Story: The Witch's Sampo (posted in my blog)

The Healer's Last Day (published by LitStream Magazine in it's Spring '21 issue)

I Never Meant to Leave You. Love & Marriage in Times of War. Part 1 (posted in my blog)

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For a TECH portal:

  • "According to the salary data analysis from Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam, tech roles, such as product management, data science and engineering, earn 54% more than non-tech roles, including marketing, operations, sales and finance. Big tech companies now offer open contracts to attract and retain potential candidates. They were pushed into this strategy after giants from the U.S. and China, like Zoom, Alibaba and TikTok, started hiring ASEAN high performers by almost writing blank cheques. In Singapore, for example, managers now earn a monthly salary of $4,500 to $6,000 USD...

       "With Covid-19 modifying the market rules and the compensation benchmark, founders and leaders have adjusted           to the new norm of staggered work schedules and remote-based roles. This work style can also be advantageous               when building and developing teams with diversity in skills and talents..."

  • "Before the pandemic, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Honda were the ultimate brands reigning in Southeast Asia, but a greener awareness is emerging in the region after the lockdowns. Tesla is pushing swiftly into the market, ranking first in Google searches. Nonetheless, most ASEAN countries are still slow to accept battery-powered EVs and build battery production plants... 

      "The EV industry may be vital for the resurgence of the region’s economies post-pandemic and already plays          a significant part. In 2020, 70% of Indonesia’s foreign investment funding went into the sector as the country        has a quarter of the global nickel reserves. Tesla sees investment in the country as helping the car                            manufacturer secure battery and power generator plant sources..."

  • "Investors are willing to fund emerging products and technologies with the potential to scale the eCommerce, health, educational and financial markets. Although Southeast Asia venture debt has high risks, it also has high rewards, depending on how successful the portfolio of startups becomes. Small and medium startups promise a more dynamic market and efficient virtual products, the sweet spot for venture capital funders. Through venture debt lending or productive financing, many VCs are reaching out and assisting smaller startups as they commence their journeys, giving them the capital required to produce their product or deliver their service... "With new consumption patterns emerging in Southeast Asia, startups face more pressure to secure their competitiveness in today’s tech markets. Amit Anand, a founding partner of Jungle Ventures, is optimistic about the European investors’ growing interest in Southeast Asia startups. Nevertheless, other venture capital firms shy away from backing new startups and instead seek tech stars in their series B phase that already have a proven plan and are capital-backed..."

  • "Before the second COVID wave, India and most Asian countries were already adopting more tech tools and a digitalised lifestyle. Yet, with the pandemic’s recent surge, many markets in the region realised they were not prepared enough for such a significant economic disaster, especially in India, where the implications could wreck fiscal growth in 2022.

       "Nevertheless, this has opened the eyes of the tech businesses and investors looking for startup                               opportunities in India, acknowledging the consumer need for more innovative technologies that would help         them in their daily routines. The situation has a phenomenal impact on the digital ecosystem and is                         driving a startup to become a unicorn every 11 days...

  • They say, “The sky is the limit.” However, emerging space tech startups in Southeast Asia are crashing through the boundaries and gaining their spot in space beside other international giants. As the world dives deeper into the digital era, more doors are opening for ASEAN tech startups wanting to explore space’s possibilities. Singapore has become the focal point and most fertile ground regionally for spacetech startups to grow and develop satellite platforms that contribute to advancing the global communication system and blockchain. The space industry has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign investors who acknowledge the potential of a more decentralised, futuristic market.

For a Productivity board:

Contemporary neuroscience has demonstrated the importance of mindfulness in the workplace to enhance progress and create harmony. Among the benefits of implementing mindfulness, we find:

  • Higher levels of self-awareness and confidence 

  • Better memory, concentration, and decision-making skills

  • Reduced levels of anxiety, emotional exhaustion and depression

  • Empathy, kindness and compassion in the workplace, and more tolerance toward diversity

  • Better interpersonal relationships and more productive teamwork

  • New ideas and solutions to problems

  • Resilience before challenges; adaptability and persistence before changes.

  • Less stressed and more motivated employees


In the midst of a chaotic workday where there are deadlines, meetings that run late, annoyed customers, orders that need fulfilling…it’s easy to lose focus and motivation. The pandemic has made it more challenging with the rise of remote work and the stress that accompanies it. Many companies have started implementing mindfulness routines for their remote employees to ensure their emotional, social and psychological wellbeing. A recent study shows that 40% of adults are experiencing heightened levels of stress because of the pandemic... mindfulness is the answer to reducing stress without even having to get up from your desk (though we do recommend moving around once in a while, too). Taking a break in the middle of a working day to be mindful is a great way to reconnect with yourself and improve your ability to concentrate.