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Writers' Mastermind Mash-up 2020

Last year, I had the opportunity to join a creative writing group called the Writers' Mastermind Group from

Not only I had the opportunity to meet talented writers, but we also have a supportive Facebook group of fellows that are always there to give advice and critique on any writing piece we need. We also have experts who facilitate our writer-life, meetings twice a week on Zoom where we share tips and write for almost an hour, and masterclasses every month to enhance our writing skills. The motivation and inspiration we share are what makes this group special.

As I got to know the team, I understood the importance of having a writing family that supports and motivates me at all times. In today's competitive literary market, writers need to have a more open mind and a vast perspective of how to contribute to the writing community to make this struggle lighter and smoother. No matter from where we come, what genre we write, or what our background is, writers are always summing up forces and skills and cooperating with each other to alleviate the path.

At the end of last year, we shared a mash-up where each writer read a piece of his or her work, published or unpublished. It was a fun and amazing experience to be among such talented authors, and I was grateful for being invited to join them. Here is the video of the event, and below it are the names of the participating writers and their works. I'm at the minute 35:46 :)

Hope you enjoy it!

10 Writers read excerpts from their latest work for the Writers' Mastermind Mash-up 2020! Sample a wide variety of new, groundbreaking fiction, in the scope of genres from around the world.

Enjoy the readings:

00:20​ Tia Wojciechowski/Bia Bella Baker Hecctropssippy 2 – The Will of the Dark Creator (to be released)

07:18​ Ross Jeffery Tome – Amazon​ Clennell Anthony Fractured (novel, unpublished)

22:47​ J.A. Cox Fulfilling a Vow, Searching for Answers (novel, to be released)

29:02​ Patty Lesser The Devil, Angels, and Demons (novel, to be released)

35:46​ Sara Cristia HJ Witch’s Amulet (short story)

42:02​ Mollie McClure Talking to the Moon (novel, unpublished)

50:42​ Dan Markowski The Last Ride (short story)

56:00​ Christa Wojciechowski Observer Dependent Universe (short story, unpublished)

1:02:10​ Joseph Sale Dark Hilarity – Amazon

Thanks for watching!

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